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~*~*~CholitaS~*~*~'s Journal

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22nd December 2003

brokendownsoul7:51pm: hey ya
hey ya


once a week i think of you

miss you

i'll come to visit
Current Mood: complacent

17th October 2003

mov2:15pm: dahm.

we blow.

so does iraq for that matter.

ah wellz.

8th January 2003

mov12:33pm: bitches get stitches.

fuckers... ya'll best post something....

my ghetto ass aint gonna be here much longer...
so yeah...


i love you all!!!
Current Mood: amused

29th October 2002

mov11:00am: well holy fuck damn....
a cholitas post!

courtneys visit was probably my second favorite thing about this weekend.
the first of course being dan and i making out...

moving on.

as soon as she gets here marijuana is smoked.
we decide we want to go to union bash...
went to panos and had the worst time EVER! nico is a dick...
we wrote a note to mr. pano. he called back when i was in toronto.

and now... all of your most favortie thing ever....

-fat jewish gross thing
then i ( i ='s heather .. OMG courtney do you remember that one time when i was like i = me... so on....??) sing and dance to fat jewish gross thing.... DUDE! fat jewish gross thing is going to be our (heather and dans) band's first song.. he will love it.

-*burp* courtney whispers... stoooooooooooooned

-OMG EW EW EW gross rolling tounge

- ORBITZ ORBITZ song by me

-i made that shirt for dan.


- there is a boy named dan
i like to hold his hand
i like to kiss him alot in the sand ( i totally changed it)
ummmmmmm he says ummmmmmmmm alot
and i think its grand

-MY PANTS!!!!!!!!! are falling down... i have a belt on..

-grab a stimulite??? ohhhhhhh sam adams light...thats totally not stimulite..heather, where the FUCK is angie???

-that guy has the same socks on as me... get off get off

-COURTNEY i would scream!!!!!!!!!!! ( i will not define this anymore because it took courtney and i long enough to try to remember what it meant)

-we have priorities

-wow, that makes her boobs look really funny... she has 4 not 2!

-GET THE 5 OUT GET THE 5 OUT! (for the record noone but me says that)

-here's what we are gonna do at the show...we are gonna break dance... um, no where not

-political hot button political hot button what does that mean???

-aliens suck you from the knees...and they do it in canada...so watch your knees.

-brita brita brita... i was totally going along with the beep

-i get really mad when noone fills the brita

-this is so the ET loves minivans commercial

-courtney dont your arms feel weird??? gotta get the blood flowing...

and then on to dans show..
where we saw the BEST hooker EVER!
and of course the best drummer ever...

courtney we will come visit you soon
i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!
Current Mood: rushed

25th September 2002

angel6211:50pm: does anyone update in here anymore?

can we start?

i miss everyone!
Current Mood: aggravated

30th August 2002

mov10:49am: this girl just put her pen in joans tea.

joan squeaked out in this high pitched voice...


i laughed so so so so so so hard.
Current Mood: giggly

29th August 2002

brokendownsoul6:10pm: guess who
i will be entering the BUFFALO area very shortly.......stay tuned for more info..... oh and there must be a night of boones and blunts.....i've said my peace...... i lofe you all.....miss u
Current Mood: giddy

28th August 2002

angel6218:43am: GIRLS!

Death is upon me. class from 815 to 7 twice a week and the 815 to 330 on fridays...this semester will be no good. but incase you haven't read anywhere else, my life has been hell. but i have a new car, a new dog that i love who is leaving.


i am in class and i want to die.

this man says that we have to have a zip disk for this class, what i don't understand is why the hell do i have to have a zip disk in class when i cannot use it at home for my computer is without a zip disk.


i'm tired and cranky.

tell me when everyone is going to be around, a trip to buffalo is necessary!!!
Current Mood: cranky

1st August 2002

mov11:17pm: school is almost upon us once again.

this makes me really sad.
two of my cholitas will not be returning...

im sorry i havent called you guys... but i have been kind
of busy and ALOT has been on my mind.
i will try very hard to get back to both of you soon.

courtney we need to talk.
i love you.

katie i miss you.
next time i am in the city i double triple sware promise i will call you.

take root.
NOT at buffalo state college girls

Current Mood: guilty

7th July 2002

starfirestarter5:03pm: i miss all my cholitas!
Current Mood: cheerful

1st July 2002

mov4:21pm: crazy dave is looking in the frat boxes... make him go away pleeeeeeease....
Current Mood: aggravated

18th June 2002

smashkin335:44pm: Somthing I've been wanting to hear from y'all about
since i've been naugty and not posting, now's the perfect time to get your input on this topic:
have you been watching it, and if so, what do you think?
Personaly, I'm rooting for the white guy with the fro. You know who I'm talking about, I am sure.
The first episode was the best, with all the horrible people....Simon telling them that they're horid and that they should sue their singing teachers.
mov5:03pm: aight bitches...
this is redick.

noone of us are keeping up with the posts.

my biggest news to date....
donnie walker slept over.

now you go!

i miss you all and love you.
Current Mood: giggly

9th June 2002

smashkin337:16pm: i think this might be funny.
here's a funny gift from me to all y'all.
oh and i got a phone call from some creep i don't know asking me, whats my name, how i was doing, and if i were a girl. he clearly sounded like he was masterbating.
-'cuse me while i go cook my turkey pot pies now-
*adios muchachas, te amo!*
Current Mood: amused

29th May 2002

mov9:38am: whats up bitches???
you better start posting... or else.

angie is my love for life.

we are NOT nosey neighbors!!
Current Mood: sleepy

25th May 2002

mov10:20am: yo girlies
i hope you are all well.

im gonna be playing in the sand for a long time i think....

i miss you all!
Current Mood: sleepy

21st May 2002

starfirestarter10:51am: my farewell.....
so this is a little late coming but i just got home yesterday so here it goes...

i want to thank you all for adopting me into suite 940 and letting me the 7th roommate, i will miss all the weekends we spent together!!

katie-u were the first person i could relate to at orientation and who knew we would take CRJ101 together...thank god we did cuz i wouldnt have met u and jenny! im glad we got closer this past year and i will miss u in all the chemistry classes to come! all the sleepovers will be missed--even though ur bed was quite messed up! "i have a fiber in my throat" and all the other lines from that nite are remembered in lj forever! thank you for let me stay with u and showing me the city! good luck in whatever you choose to do! love always....

courtney-who knew we would ever be this close!?! i appreciate u letting me take a little vacation to rochester during spring break adn introducing me to ur lovely friends! incubus is ours forever, and if i dont marry brandon you can have him...maybe :) you were always someone i could come talk to u and for that i will never forget you! movie and ice cream nite was the best! including the part where we had a beer in a bar in our pj's! me, u and heather could really start some trouble! good luck in brockport, i know its for the best! miss u and love u!

melissa-god u could always make me laugh...your eye for photography is great, keep at it with the Holga! we survived all the arguments of the suite....and i wish you good luck with the apartment! the picture u gave me will one day make u famous! keep up the good work kid! love ya!

heather-who would have thought that in one semester we would get this close...i appreciate you introducing urself to me know! thanx for the use of ur top bunk when there was no other bed for me and the late nite walks to pano's...we are ninjas! im glad i was able to pick tigerboy up from the airport b/c he made u happy! this summer will be spent with many 40s and in the Pink! you are a truly beautiful person, stay the same always! love always!!

that is it for now girls, i must get back to my work! i love u all!
Current Mood: busy

18th May 2002

angel62112:39pm: Where is everyone and why are you all not updating???

if you've forgotten about cholitas already, i fear that i may have to hurt all of you.

come on girls...let's get going.

i miss you all!
Current Mood: disappointed

12th May 2002

angel6211:32am: heather...you best love this!!!!!
achluophilia3: mouse (the cat) is shedding everywhere..
achluophilia3: her hair is everywhere, screaming infidelities...
Chourm 940 a: my cat has long black hair and it's out of contol
Chourm 940 a: HAHAHAHAHAHA
achluophilia3: why the blue fuck did i just quote dashboard confessional????
Chourm 940 a: that was the best ever!!!!!!
achluophilia3: and why do i know who they are...
achluophilia3: laugh it up... reeeeal funny
Chourm 940 a: oh but it is!!!!

10th May 2002

brokendownsoul2:30am: so long.....farewell.....
well i think will be one of the last cholita entry i will make in a real long....and it's my offical last post as a buffalo cholita
i will say own goodbyes and in a way i have no were to begin...i came to this school completely clueless as to what was to become.....i thought i would be nothing without my friends from home....i was ssooooo wrong about....you girls have held me through a lot of shit this year and last i can just say:
i wish we would have talked more
i wish we could have laughed more
i wish we could have not have fought so much
i wish for nothing to change
i wish to remain like this forever
now i wish to say goodbye

Angie: Technically you are my very first friend up here...it was the 4th floor of porter during orenitation and we were talking about how stuff this schedule shit was! Who knew?!?!
It's gonna be different not taking any classes with you in what my school is to be......Thanks for always being there.....and you were never just a cheauffer. I'm glad you got a chance to befriend all my friends it makes everything soo much happier! Just rememeber you're talkin to my deaf side and that 'incubus' will hold a special place in my heart- ehhe - i hope there are many more bouts of our insanity! I'll miss you....don't ever doubt yourself....love you

Courtney: Oh how i remember ruining into you at the elevator...hahah "damm little shits" well that 5 mins convo has lead us to be friends since then. And i will alwyas remmber running to your room a lot crying about james...fool that i was....You opened me up to a lot new things....thank you..there are too many things to remember but the noight at "Hysteria" i will remember! Between the fish fry upchuck and me giving myself a black eye. Don't let people knock you down....trust the good people.....take care i worry!

Melissa:Ha, wow if i would have just opened my fat mouth that night at the telephones in porter who knows if we would have been closer. I remember not knowing what to expect when u moved in with the beak. You're one of a few people i feel very relaxed and eased around. You make me laugh and that is something not many people can do. Thanks for making my dad feel soo welcome up here i know it makes him feel good. Remember you're a good person who has a tendency sometimes to get the shit end of the stick! and no my brother will not put his balls on johnathan's face! I love you hun and remember what i told!

Heather: "Yea nice boots" " hey thanks" " 3rd floor you got yo be fucking kidding me" "lazy!" I'm starting to see that i meet a lot of people near elevators! weird! I'm happy we became such good friends... jsut think without james we may have not have been such good friends. And the black men will smack my ass at the juvienile concert. You are beautiful no matter what...and it is the chicken time. Grandma's was a definate katie and heather bonding moment.......although we did not see killer condom- one day- remember to come visit me in NYC. Dont sweat the small stuff! i love you hun oh yea just because i wear a toronto maple leaves jersey doesnt mean i'm not GANGSTA!

well thats it my cholitas- i bid adieu- "never loose infinte hope" girls....i'll visit--- just dont ever forget about me!

this is kat.....signing off.....signing out=(
Current Mood: sad

9th May 2002

mov6:25pm: xXemo tearsXx
oh man... this is going to be rough.

well... where will i start...

i am so happy that we have all gotten closer this past year. i am sad that two of you are not coming back next year... oh shit here come the tears...

Angie: girl, i am so happy that i finally introduced myself to you.. hehehe i am so glad i am going to have you around this summer to hang out with. we WILL own the pink, do not worry about that. NO dad.. im going to be IN the magic show. thank you for all the car rides and for picking up tigerboy from the airport. i love you!

Melissa: my girlfriend for life. thank you for always being there for me when i needed you. i couldnt have asked for a nicer girlfriend in the whole wide world. i love you and mr fel davaro is one lucky man. free hours. roll out. bun on head will bring in the millions. i know that i will see you over the summer so i wont have to miss you too much.. keep on knitting for life. if it wasnt for you i would have never gotten the conditioner from JOAN.

Katie: but is it the chicken kind? my hairstylist to the max... our shower together will never be beaten... EVER! because of you and the bun i have been able to smile a little more this semester thank you so much, i love you! i dont know what i am going to do without my long island princess next year... you better come visit!


Courtney: i dont even know where to start... all i know is that i am crying really hard right now. i never ever EVER thought you and i would have gotten as close as we have...and now that you are gone i dont know what i am going to do. who will ruin lives with me now? who will get high with me when we have class at like 8 am now? who will walk 5 miles with me now? who will rep bengel pause and the fucking q doggs with me now? I know that i will see you over the summer and we WILL go to nyc in a geo metro ya heard me MARY! i love you so much...

i cant believe this is the end.
you all better keep posting in cholitas for life... if you dont i will break all your legs and beat you with them.
i need to stop crying because: tigerboy1313: dude, you are completely destroying your rep

just remember

Current Mood: depressed

8th May 2002

angel6218:30pm: ok...
i know that this is early...but it's when i feel like doing it, so here goes.

i'll miss running into katie everytime i walk out of the bathroom.
i'll miss living 4 feet away from 5 friends always there if i need them.
i'll miss having a christmas party 3 weeks before christmas.
i'll miss the ramen in the bathroom sink.
i'll miss ped's one-liners.
i'll miss katie staring into the mirror.
i'll miss melissa's concerts.
i'll miss the constant simpsons jokes.
i'll miss st. ides.
i'll miss nights telling the same stories over and over.
i'll miss "your face".
i'll miss eating mac 'n cheese.
i'll miss sleepovers.
i'll miss "katie, i threw up in brennans bed."
i'll miss the thunderstorms at 7 am.
i'll miss movie nights.
i'll miss thongs in the shower.
i'll miss chompers.
i'll miss walking through the psych center.
i'll miss saturday morning breakfasts.
i'll miss melissa talking to me while i'm asleep.
i'll miss it all.

Katie: you don't have to be snip-snappy about it. no matter what man, keep your chin up, boys aren't the be all end all judge of who you are...remember that you are beautiful. your drama will be missed. you have been a great friend that i could rely on....and as always, i love that we can bitch and then hug...ha! seriously though, good luck, stay strong and always remember, don't break the white people.

Melissa: kid, you are insane. and i will miss that forever. i've never ever met anyone quite like you. your sense of humor, your WW impressions will go down in history. things may have been rocky at points between us, but no matter what, you've been a huge part of me being able to maintain sanity through this year. thank you...and remember...the floor is slippery sometimes.

Angie: wow, to think that i didn't even know you like 7 months ago, crazy. you've been a saint with putting up with carting us all over the place...tigerboy weekend is written in the books...you've brought me into so many new realms of music appreciation, thank you. you're an amazing person who just gives and gives and gives...don't forget to take once in a while. i'll see you for incubus weekend!!!!!!!!!!! and remember...emo hearts.

Heather: emo tears....40's....the dashboard show....i never in a million years thought that i would love you as much as i do. i know for sure that i would not have made it through this semester without you. oh the joys...vaginas and tanning, burger king and beer, lunch and STEVE (remember the time you talked to him?)....thank you soo much for all of the great times, i'll never look at weed the same way...remember...have you ever heard of the ROTC?

there's so much more that i have to say to all of you...but i can't cry anymore right now.

thank you for putting up with me and being my friends.

my song to all of you...Collapse )
Current Mood: sad

3rd May 2002

mov5:13pm: me: i need a sweatshirt... heeeey....

angie: omg the new north face sweatshirt... THANKS GRAM!!!
Current Mood: laughing

30th April 2002

angel6218:46pm: of course since my roommate ran out of double A batteries, the moment that my cd ends...she has MICHELLE BRANCH just waiting to be turned on....yeah, well ya know what????


if i never hear a michelle branch song in my life, i will die happy!

28th April 2002

mov8:28pm: courtney is me heather is she mike is tigerboy
**heather is tapping her toes as she lays listening to =w=

**then she continues to make sure that we (being me and tigerboy) realize how happy she is

**then the preeching of =w= and how the music is so wonderful and you don't even have to listen to the lyrics because the music is so good but the lyrics are beautiful too....god, fucking music.

**she just told tigerboy to make sure that i am listening to the words of a =w= song so that i can analyze it with every possible complicated instruction ever.

**as i pick up a bottle of pills for heather to ash in...and she says yeah, let's mix some weed with the crazy pills...i said i thought it was the penicillin from your strep and this is what i got...

"i don't even know where that is anymore....now you're talking just completely crazy courtney armstrong."

**heather is peer pressuring tigerboy to smoke weed!

interpretive dancing-->while i'm on the phone with my mom!

if you could have seen the out of control happy dance that heather just did to the =w= buddy holly song

this is what's going on in mike's head

omg...what am i doing?
i'm sitting on a floor smoking marijuana

i am killing my brain cells one by one <--subtle math reference

*make out make out*

i am a math teacher

how am i going to set a good example

courtney = stenographer and dj

one night when they have an open mic night, i'm gonna print all of my journal entries from when i'm stoned and people will just be like this girl is fucking amazing. (heather said this)

dad's sunday night phone call (asking me about tanning for jamaica)
"this'll teach that stupid chair...aaahh...i'm on fire, i hope no one's drawing this!" -homer simpson

i thought my pants were falling down and he could see my butt...but he can't ( again heather said this)

heather--it's open nite mic
tigerboy--it's open mic nite
heather--it will not be OPEN MIKE KNIGHT...i don't want to open mike knight...i hate him!
courtney--points and says "oh my god that was brilliant"

hey soul patch... you cut in line *punch*<-nelson
courtney, did you hear what he just said? i think i'm gonna piss my pants...no, i already pissed my pants.<-heather

so it is now 906
courtney is leaving and she says..
heather you said
courtney is me heather is i
yeah me and i are the same thing so we are the same person.
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