nate hates livejournal (mov) wrote in cholitas4life,
nate hates livejournal

courtney is me heather is she mike is tigerboy

**heather is tapping her toes as she lays listening to =w=

**then she continues to make sure that we (being me and tigerboy) realize how happy she is

**then the preeching of =w= and how the music is so wonderful and you don't even have to listen to the lyrics because the music is so good but the lyrics are beautiful too....god, fucking music.

**she just told tigerboy to make sure that i am listening to the words of a =w= song so that i can analyze it with every possible complicated instruction ever.

**as i pick up a bottle of pills for heather to ash in...and she says yeah, let's mix some weed with the crazy pills...i said i thought it was the penicillin from your strep and this is what i got...

"i don't even know where that is you're talking just completely crazy courtney armstrong."

**heather is peer pressuring tigerboy to smoke weed!

interpretive dancing-->while i'm on the phone with my mom!

if you could have seen the out of control happy dance that heather just did to the =w= buddy holly song

this is what's going on in mike's head

omg...what am i doing?
i'm sitting on a floor smoking marijuana

i am killing my brain cells one by one <--subtle math reference

*make out make out*

i am a math teacher

how am i going to set a good example

courtney = stenographer and dj

one night when they have an open mic night, i'm gonna print all of my journal entries from when i'm stoned and people will just be like this girl is fucking amazing. (heather said this)

dad's sunday night phone call (asking me about tanning for jamaica)
"this'll teach that stupid chair...aaahh...i'm on fire, i hope no one's drawing this!" -homer simpson

i thought my pants were falling down and he could see my butt...but he can't ( again heather said this)

heather--it's open nite mic
tigerboy--it's open mic nite
heather--it will not be OPEN MIKE KNIGHT...i don't want to open mike knight...i hate him!
courtney--points and says "oh my god that was brilliant"

hey soul patch... you cut in line *punch*<-nelson
courtney, did you hear what he just said? i think i'm gonna piss my, i already pissed my pants.<-heather

so it is now 906
courtney is leaving and she says..
heather you said
courtney is me heather is i
yeah me and i are the same thing so we are the same person.
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