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xXemo tearsXx

oh man... this is going to be rough.

well... where will i start...

i am so happy that we have all gotten closer this past year. i am sad that two of you are not coming back next year... oh shit here come the tears...

Angie: girl, i am so happy that i finally introduced myself to you.. hehehe i am so glad i am going to have you around this summer to hang out with. we WILL own the pink, do not worry about that. NO dad.. im going to be IN the magic show. thank you for all the car rides and for picking up tigerboy from the airport. i love you!

Melissa: my girlfriend for life. thank you for always being there for me when i needed you. i couldnt have asked for a nicer girlfriend in the whole wide world. i love you and mr fel davaro is one lucky man. free hours. roll out. bun on head will bring in the millions. i know that i will see you over the summer so i wont have to miss you too much.. keep on knitting for life. if it wasnt for you i would have never gotten the conditioner from JOAN.

Katie: but is it the chicken kind? my hairstylist to the max... our shower together will never be beaten... EVER! because of you and the bun i have been able to smile a little more this semester thank you so much, i love you! i dont know what i am going to do without my long island princess next year... you better come visit!


Courtney: i dont even know where to start... all i know is that i am crying really hard right now. i never ever EVER thought you and i would have gotten as close as we have...and now that you are gone i dont know what i am going to do. who will ruin lives with me now? who will get high with me when we have class at like 8 am now? who will walk 5 miles with me now? who will rep bengel pause and the fucking q doggs with me now? I know that i will see you over the summer and we WILL go to nyc in a geo metro ya heard me MARY! i love you so much...

i cant believe this is the end.
you all better keep posting in cholitas for life... if you dont i will break all your legs and beat you with them.
i need to stop crying because: tigerboy1313: dude, you are completely destroying your rep

just remember

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