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so long.....farewell.....

well i think will be one of the last cholita entry i will make in a real long....and it's my offical last post as a buffalo cholita
i will say own goodbyes and in a way i have no were to begin...i came to this school completely clueless as to what was to become.....i thought i would be nothing without my friends from home....i was ssooooo wrong about....you girls have held me through a lot of shit this year and last i can just say:
i wish we would have talked more
i wish we could have laughed more
i wish we could have not have fought so much
i wish for nothing to change
i wish to remain like this forever
now i wish to say goodbye

Angie: Technically you are my very first friend up here...it was the 4th floor of porter during orenitation and we were talking about how stuff this schedule shit was! Who knew?!?!
It's gonna be different not taking any classes with you in what my school is to be......Thanks for always being there.....and you were never just a cheauffer. I'm glad you got a chance to befriend all my friends it makes everything soo much happier! Just rememeber you're talkin to my deaf side and that 'incubus' will hold a special place in my heart- ehhe - i hope there are many more bouts of our insanity! I'll miss you....don't ever doubt yourself....love you

Courtney: Oh how i remember ruining into you at the elevator...hahah "damm little shits" well that 5 mins convo has lead us to be friends since then. And i will alwyas remmber running to your room a lot crying about james...fool that i was....You opened me up to a lot new things....thank you..there are too many things to remember but the noight at "Hysteria" i will remember! Between the fish fry upchuck and me giving myself a black eye. Don't let people knock you down....trust the good people.....take care i worry!

Melissa:Ha, wow if i would have just opened my fat mouth that night at the telephones in porter who knows if we would have been closer. I remember not knowing what to expect when u moved in with the beak. You're one of a few people i feel very relaxed and eased around. You make me laugh and that is something not many people can do. Thanks for making my dad feel soo welcome up here i know it makes him feel good. Remember you're a good person who has a tendency sometimes to get the shit end of the stick! and no my brother will not put his balls on johnathan's face! I love you hun and remember what i told!

Heather: "Yea nice boots" " hey thanks" " 3rd floor you got yo be fucking kidding me" "lazy!" I'm starting to see that i meet a lot of people near elevators! weird! I'm happy we became such good friends... jsut think without james we may have not have been such good friends. And the black men will smack my ass at the juvienile concert. You are beautiful no matter what...and it is the chicken time. Grandma's was a definate katie and heather bonding moment.......although we did not see killer condom- one day- remember to come visit me in NYC. Dont sweat the small stuff! i love you hun oh yea just because i wear a toronto maple leaves jersey doesnt mean i'm not GANGSTA!

well thats it my cholitas- i bid adieu- "never loose infinte hope" girls....i'll visit--- just dont ever forget about me!

this is kat.....signing off.....signing out=(
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