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my farewell.....

so this is a little late coming but i just got home yesterday so here it goes...

i want to thank you all for adopting me into suite 940 and letting me the 7th roommate, i will miss all the weekends we spent together!!

katie-u were the first person i could relate to at orientation and who knew we would take CRJ101 together...thank god we did cuz i wouldnt have met u and jenny! im glad we got closer this past year and i will miss u in all the chemistry classes to come! all the sleepovers will be missed--even though ur bed was quite messed up! "i have a fiber in my throat" and all the other lines from that nite are remembered in lj forever! thank you for let me stay with u and showing me the city! good luck in whatever you choose to do! love always....

courtney-who knew we would ever be this close!?! i appreciate u letting me take a little vacation to rochester during spring break adn introducing me to ur lovely friends! incubus is ours forever, and if i dont marry brandon you can have him...maybe :) you were always someone i could come talk to u and for that i will never forget you! movie and ice cream nite was the best! including the part where we had a beer in a bar in our pj's! me, u and heather could really start some trouble! good luck in brockport, i know its for the best! miss u and love u!

melissa-god u could always make me laugh...your eye for photography is great, keep at it with the Holga! we survived all the arguments of the suite....and i wish you good luck with the apartment! the picture u gave me will one day make u famous! keep up the good work kid! love ya!

heather-who would have thought that in one semester we would get this close...i appreciate you introducing urself to me know! thanx for the use of ur top bunk when there was no other bed for me and the late nite walks to pano's...we are ninjas! im glad i was able to pick tigerboy up from the airport b/c he made u happy! this summer will be spent with many 40s and in the Pink! you are a truly beautiful person, stay the same always! love always!!

that is it for now girls, i must get back to my work! i love u all!
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