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well holy fuck damn....

a cholitas post!

courtneys visit was probably my second favorite thing about this weekend.
the first of course being dan and i making out...

moving on.

as soon as she gets here marijuana is smoked.
we decide we want to go to union bash...
went to panos and had the worst time EVER! nico is a dick...
we wrote a note to mr. pano. he called back when i was in toronto.

and now... all of your most favortie thing ever....

-fat jewish gross thing
then i ( i ='s heather .. OMG courtney do you remember that one time when i was like i = me... so on....??) sing and dance to fat jewish gross thing.... DUDE! fat jewish gross thing is going to be our (heather and dans) band's first song.. he will love it.

-*burp* courtney whispers... stoooooooooooooned

-OMG EW EW EW gross rolling tounge

- ORBITZ ORBITZ song by me

-i made that shirt for dan.


- there is a boy named dan
i like to hold his hand
i like to kiss him alot in the sand ( i totally changed it)
ummmmmmm he says ummmmmmmmm alot
and i think its grand

-MY PANTS!!!!!!!!! are falling down... i have a belt on..

-grab a stimulite??? ohhhhhhh sam adams light...thats totally not stimulite..heather, where the FUCK is angie???

-that guy has the same socks on as me... get off get off

-COURTNEY i would scream!!!!!!!!!!! ( i will not define this anymore because it took courtney and i long enough to try to remember what it meant)

-we have priorities

-wow, that makes her boobs look really funny... she has 4 not 2!

-GET THE 5 OUT GET THE 5 OUT! (for the record noone but me says that)

-here's what we are gonna do at the show...we are gonna break dance... um, no where not

-political hot button political hot button what does that mean???

-aliens suck you from the knees...and they do it in watch your knees.

-brita brita brita... i was totally going along with the beep

-i get really mad when noone fills the brita

-this is so the ET loves minivans commercial

-courtney dont your arms feel weird??? gotta get the blood flowing...

and then on to dans show..
where we saw the BEST hooker EVER!
and of course the best drummer ever...

courtney we will come visit you soon
i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!
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